Once upon a time… ¡MOOIesBONITO! Once upon a time, Anita López Pousa who is writing these lines. One day together with my partner, we decided to start a journey. We will not travel alone. The third travel companion was the most important, he had the maps to guide us. From the moment of his arrival, all our plans changed and our roles as well. I became a mother before anything else. Motherhood changed me profoundly, as it has done to many other women. So much, that I decided to reinvent myself, having as a muse the one who was holding the books of our travel. Bas, my son.

My new role as a mother together with my necessity to adapt myself to the one who was paving our road, my childhood memories, my professional experience, and my passion for crafting all came together in MOOIesBONITO. On this journey, we will not be alone. Friends and persons we admire helps us to give shape to all the dreams we have for all of you.

This journey has only just begun. Other collections are coming! Welcome to the world of MOOIesBONITO!

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